Re: Lehigh Valley 4-Bay Hopper

Marty McGuirk

Anyone have a similar diagram for the conversion to two-bay hoppers that I understand started with these cars? 


Marty McGuirk

Gainesville, VA

On October 8, 2019 at 1:48 PM Scott Seders <sseders@...> wrote:

Below is a diagram for the woodchip car conversion LV did. 

Scott Seders 
Salisbury, MD

On Oct 8, 2019, at 12:34 PM, Benjamin Hom < b.hom@...> wrote:

Tim O'Connor wrote:
"We have indeed discussed the Hobbyline model in the past - it even has cutouts underneath to clear the wheels.

Because it is such a mediocre model, I wonder if a stand-in is not a better choice?

For example, could a Bowser H25 have the ribs sanded/filed off and then re-ribbed to resemble the Lehigh Valley car?"

The Bowser model is not Class H25, but Class H21A.  I don't have an LV ORER or diagram book handy at the office, but my gut feeling is the LV car is taller, and you'd have to rework the end details as well. 

You'd probably be better off taking the sanding block to the HObbytown model if you go that route.

Ben Hom



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