DL&W caboose circa-1931

Richard Brennan

Super-clean photo of a classic Lackawanna center-cupola wood caboose...
DL&W 842... NPS Steamtown collection, circa-1931

The grabiron mounting details would be a trick to model...
and note the substantial hasp for the end door.

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

At 04:13 AM 10/9/2019, Paul Tupaczewski wrote:
Please find attached images for your review. It is my hope that getting information out that these images exist will benefit everyone and I appreciate being able to use this list as one of the ways to both distribute the images, but also receive feedback and additional information on them.

X7810--Wood caboose no. 842 [1931-1932]

Patrick McKnight
Steamtown NHS
150 S. Washington Avenue
Scranton, PA

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