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Schleigh Mike

The ERIE 43000-45599 series 70 ton gondolas date from 1923-1924.  Their top dimension was 9'-3 3/4" above the rail.  The underside of the center sill was 29 1/2" above the rails.  The Mantua model definitely needs to be lowered and their supplied trucks are nearly worthless.  Equipment drawing says side frames were "Bettendorf" but photos would be more help with the proper truck to apply.  These were interesting cars that originally came with steel floors and drop doors.  Later some got wood floors while still others were converted to quad hoppers.

Regards from Grove City, Penna.    Mike Schleigh

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I did the upgrade of the Mantua gon years ago, based on an article in RMC. The results are OK, but the car still sits too high, despite filing down the bolster and carving curved grooves in the floor to provide clearance between the flanges and the floor. If I were to do it again, I think I would cut curved slots in the floor to gain additional flange clearance and further lower the carbody to where it should be. 

Note that whatever carbody height you are able to achieve, it will still take some carving on the ends and floor to create a space for coupler boxes and some fussing to mount couplers at the correct height.

Tom Devenny
East Norriton, PA

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