Re: Fidelity Bowser 40’ boxcars

Benjamin Hom

Ben de Vries asked:
"Can anyone of you review the prototype fidelity of subj. cars, especially the Linde and GN car? I would like to avoid buying foobies!"

Bill Welch replied:
"A link would be helpful Ben. . ."

We've discussed these models before in the thread "Bowser Box Cars" starting with message #143056 dated 6/15/16.  Long story short, this model has been lurking around the Bowser catalog for the last 15-20 years or so in the guise of base model "canvas" for custom-decorated cars in their English Model Railroad Supply line.  Bowser used their Class X31A single door boxcar tooling as the basis for a "generic" 40 ft boxcar, creating a model with a Murphy rectangular panel roof with 4/5 Dreadnaught ends but with the side rivet patterns of the Class X31A single door car, all the way down to the unique 5 panels to the left of the door/4 panels to the right of the door.

I've got one of these models, but haven't discovered any prototype for it yet as this combination of features is unusual, so all of the decorated models are suspect.  Frankly, $28.95 is a bit much to shell out for a stand-in model.

Ben Hom  

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