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Bruce Smith

OK, I’m a little confused by this conversation.

FIRST - afaik, ALL cars in interchange service were required to show CAPY, LD LMT, and LT WT data and the LT WT data was to be accompanied by either the stencil NEW and a date, or the code for the scale where the car was weighed (or reweighed) and the date, including tank cars.

SECOND - tank cars were not required to be ROUTINELY reweighed (but were reweighed from time to time, particularly when repairs that might significantly affect the LT WT were made).

So, while the first part of Bob’s statement is fine, the second is completely false and does not derive from the first.  ALL tank cars, including Linde Tank Cars, would have weight data and most would have reweigh data.  



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.....but they did.  See attached.

Elden Gatwood

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As tank cars, I assume there would not have been a reweigh requirement for these cars and the model should not have reweigh stenciling, right?
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