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Tony Thompson

No argument in general, but one point to keep in mind is that even when there is a reweigh date, it may be MANY years prior to the photo date, implying it was a repair date, not periodic reweigh. There are lots of those in Richard’s collection.
Tony Thompson 

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While I don't have Richard's collection at hand, I have looked through the photos I have and counted "new" versus "reweigh" stencils. The ones that are obviously reweighs outnumber the "new" by 61 to 36. I probably looked at around 250 photos.

Some caveats:
-I did not count builder's photos, only photos that were clearly "in service."
-reweigh cars were cars where the Lt Wt did not match either the build date or the tank test date
- new cars were cars where the Lt Wt did match either the build date or tank test date
- the photos range across many years and types of tank cars
-a reasonable number of cars did not seem to show any date with the Lt Wt.
-The majority (~2/3) of the "new" cars were not stenciled "NEW" but rather had no stencil or stencils such as MILT (and you know where that is 😉) Interestingly, AC&F builder's photos show either MILT or NEW.

My take-home is that my statement could be revised to "a majority have reweigh data", but I am tempted to note that since a number of the "new" photos were of clearly new cars in service, that would bias the count so that over their lifetimes, "most" might indeed be correct.


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ALL tank cars, including Linde Tank Cars, would have weight data and most would have reweigh data.  

Nope. Plenty of tank cars had their NEW weight decades after being built. I don’t agree that even “most “ had reweigh. There are thousands of tank car images in the Hendrickson collection, so I am not making this up.
And BTW class XT car were still billed by gallonage, so no real reason to reweigh.
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