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Nelson Moyer

And don’t forget the SFRD book recently reprinted by the Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society.


Nelson Moyer


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Sounds like some adventurous soul needs to get going on a book about the Swift cars. We have books on the PFE, ART and MDT reefers so now it's time for the Swift cars!


Roger Huber

Deer Creek Locomotive Works



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It would be interesting to collate this info with build dates. I realize this is the minefield, what with rebuildings and later acquisitions.  Paint scheme data is helpful


Thanks for posting


Joe Binish


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Steve, Martin included a roster of Swift cars in his 2-93 article. That is the only list I recall ever seeing, beyond notes in Gene Green’s Color reefer book.

There was list of Swift cars in the 7-93 RMJ, listing cars seen and photographed in 1935. The author also makes reference to a list published in the 4-93 issue of RMJ. Alas the TrianLife database is not cooperating this morning, so I’m not able to confirm what was in the 4-93 issue.


Doug  Harding


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Has anyone published any sort of detailed roster of Swift reefers?  I seem to think so, but can't locate such.  I do have Martin Lofton's RMJ 2-93 article.


Maybe a good clinic session?


Thanks in advance,

Steve Hile


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