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O Fenton Wells

Andy I'll take 2 x29 underframes and 2 roofs if still available

On Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 9:23 PM Andy Carlson <midcentury@...> wrote:
All of the South West Scale Models dooirs have been sold. Most everything else remain available.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

I have the following parts offered for sale. All are new HO. Prices do not include shipping. Several items are in limited supply.

Red Caboose
X29 undeframe with AB brake details (this sprue has 2 AB brake sets)         $1/each
X29 Creco style 3 panel doors                                        $0.75/pair
X29 4/5/4 Youngstown steel door                                   $0.75/pair
X29 wood running boards w/ laterals                               $0.75/each
X29 roofs                                                                          $0.50/each
'37 AAR Murphy rectangular raised panel 40' roof           $2.75/each
6' wide 5-panel Superior door 10'6" IH                          $2/pair
6' wide 5/6/6 Improved Youngstown Door 10'6" IH        $2.50/pair
   These I feel are HO's best version of this common door
SUPERIOR Power Brake set                                             $3/each

South West Scale doors
#750 7' wide 5-panel Superior door for 10'6" IH car                $2/pair
#610 6' wide 5/5/5 "Overnight" interim improved YSD for 10'0" IH $2/pair
#622 6' wide 6/6/5 "Upside Down" improved Youngstown door  $2.50/pair
#770 7' Wide even space 7-panel Superior door 10'6" IH             $2/pair
#672 6' wide even space 7-panel Superior door 10'6" IH             $2/pair
#673 6' wide wide 3rd 7-panel Superior door  10'6" IH                $2/pair
#650 6' wide 5-panel Superior door  10'6" IH                               $2/pair     

5/6/6 Improved 6' wide Youngstown steel door                      $2/pair
5/6/5-T pre-war Youngstown 6' wide door 10'6" IH               $2/pair
Improved Dreadnaught 3/4 "rolling Pin" end                          $2/pair
Improved Dreadnaught thin+3/4 "rollinPin"no pole pocket    $2/pair
PACEMAKER Dreadnaught thin+3/4 end w/ poling pockets  $3/pair
6' wide even space Superior door 10'0" IH                             $2/pair
4/5 early Dreadnaught 4/5 ends 10'0" IH                                $2.50/pair
8-rung ladders for 10'0" IH                                                      $2.50/set
Apex etched metal running boards for 40' box car                 $3/each

Buyer to pay $4 and up for USPS shipping by padded envelope 1st class mail. I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee PayPal is accepted. contact me off-list (Please) for availability and your shipping questions at <midcentury@...>

-Andy Carlson

Fenton Wells
250 Frye Rd
Pinehurst NC 28374

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