Re: When did USRE Rebuild begin to appear

Benjamin Scanlon

-- My earliest photo of a car with the USRE "United States" map on the side is from 1962.
The LS&I sold PS-1 box cars to USRE in 1961. And I have a note that says Tennessee Central
500-564 were leased from USRE in 1958. I evidently got this TC information from a letter to
the editor written by Stephen D. Johnson and published in the May 1989 (or possibly 1987, I
have conflicting notes) Model Railroading magazine. :-[ Eric Neubauer noted that the TC cars
were from USRE "Lot 179" so I'm guessing that means they were already in business for a while.

Tim O'Connor

Tim, are you saying/implying that TC leased PS-1s from USRE? Or other types? 

Ben Scanlon
Tottenham, England

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