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Douglas Harding

Actually Epstein shows both 1930 and 1931.

p. 44 “The Swift Line, acquired in 1931, is leased exclusively to Swift and Company.

p. 95 writing about individual shippers who sought to have General American take over and operate cars for them. “The first such major take-over was that of the car line previously owned and operated by Swift and Company, the Chicago meat packers. This transaction, consummated in 1930, involved 5,476 refrigerator cars and 145 tank cars.”

p. 158 Chronology list shows 1930 Swift and Company line purchased

p. 174 Table 3 shows the number of reefers owned by GATC went from 11296 in 1930 to 17910 in 1931, increase of 6614 cars, of which the 5476 from Swift would have been the major part of this increase.


I speculated that the transaction began in 1930 and perhaps was completed in 1931, hence the two dates. But no specific date is given, just the years.


Of interest: p. 68 table shows Swift Refrigerator line received 450 new reefers from East Chicago in 1937


Doug  Harding


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Epstein's GATX history lists it as 1930. But it also lists ownership of 11,296 refrigerator cars at the end of 1930 and 17,910 at the end of 1931, so they may not have officially transferred the cars until 1931.

Jim Gates

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In his 1993 RMJ article, Martin gave the sale date as 1931.  Hendrickson and Kaminski's billboard reefer book gives it as 1930.

My 12/30 ORER doesn't exhibit any hint of the sale, but Swift is clearly listed under GA by 7/35.

I can't offhand recall any other sources on this question.  

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