Re: Swift Reefers

Dave Parker

I agree with Doug on almost all most points.  I can't speak to the steel cars, but creating an accurate tabulation of just the 37' wood cars is worse than daunting.  For reasons unknown, Swift (GA) stopped including car counts in the 1930 ORER (they are in my 1925 and 26).  They are also absent in my 1935 and 1940 registers.  Doug's message indicates that the counts were back by 1943 (they are in my 1945 as well).

Given the number of cars that were built in the 1925-35 time-frame, the acquisition of the fleet by GA, and the apparent renumbering of many/most/all of the the pre-GA cars, I despair of being able to construct a decent timeline from the 1920s into the 1940s.

One side note:  the MAC/ARA/AAR car classes evolved quite a bit over time.  The lineup of reefer classes in my 1931 Cyc is rather different than that from 1912 to 1922.   Ian Cranstone has diligently tabulated when the various classes appeared (and disappeared) from the ORERs:

It seems that the RAM and RSM classes did not come on line until ~1943.  Prior, cars with meat rails did not have a specific designation.

Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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