M&StL 30000 series gondola kit under development

Richard Remiarz

Joe Binish asked me to forward this to the list.  He is having some technical issues.

Rich Remiarz

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From: "joe binish" <mstl852@...>
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Subject: M&StL 30000 series gondola kit under development

This car is under development.  I hope to have a look at the printed sides and maybe ends at the Lisle RPM.  Fortunately the trucks are already available.  I have no idea of pricing yet, or decal availability....
These cars probably made it to the CNW, since they were built in 1947 by GATC(30000-30499)
Between getting this car done and hoping for the Louie stock car, that should take care of the late steam era freight cars

I will keep you updated
Joe Binish

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