Tank Car help Identification


Looks like an insulated high-pressure tank, so ICC class 105 most likely. The Atlas or Kadee tanks are a good starting point. The logo on the side is for Smith-Douglass, a Norfolk,VA-based fertilizer company. From a 1964 New York Times article:

"Besides its fertilizer production and animal feed supplements, Smith???Douglass makes phosphoric and sulphuric acid, nitrogenous tankage, anhydrous and aqua ammonia, superphosphate and silica fluorides, potashes, nitric acid and ground gypsum rock.

Its principal business is in the tobacco, cotton, peanut and truck growing areas of the South and the corn and wheat belt of the Middle West. It also makes insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and defoliants. Total assets approximate $58 million."

David Thompson

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