Re: My railroad materials

Jake Schaible

I know it's been a few weeks since Jared asked "Any other suggestions I should consider?".  But given the massive processing backlong at CSRM and the issues they have with space, wanted to add another idea to the mix.

For the right material, I would encourage folks to consider the little know "Pacific Southwest Railway Museum" (PSRM, Campo CA) Southwest Railway Library".  Founded on several sizable collections of documents from the SD&A, SP & AT&SF - and recently greatly expanded via a major gift of railroad materials from the San Diego History Center along with a major facilities expansion and grants for climate control, the PSRM archives now has the space and our doors are open for accepting sizable collections of original railroad documents.  

By the way, for those who have not seen our collection and trains, consider your self invited on Nov 16th, when we will be holding a rail fest to celebrate the 100 yr anniversary of the SD&A's own golden spike.



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