Re: Suggestions For Wire Load Ties


E Z Line is flat, not round.  I measure it at .002" thick and .005" wide.  If it's twisted (and it's hard not to twist it), that shows.  It just might be a good thing for banding steel, though.  It's 3/8" wide, in HO.  Seems kinda narrow.

Also, the "rust" color fades to a clear green with a few hours of sunlight.  It seems to take permanent marker well, though, as a repair.

I am in the middle of using it to make a barbed wire fence about 5' long.  It's probably the only thing to use if you're trying to recreate a fence in good order, where the lines are still taut.  For my fence, I SUSPECT the twist in the E Z Line will not be noticeable unless you know to look.  I do, and I can see it.


Edward Sutorik

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