Re: Suggestions For Wire Load Ties

Jim Betz

Nelson/any one,

  The magnet wire certainly allows you to get scale size (close enough).

  Since it is not the correct color what methods have you used - successfully - to
change the color?  I'm thinking either an acrylic paint (wash?) or something
like Blacken-It.
  How did you twist it to get uniform twisting?  The tie downs were actually
different sizes of steel cable and that was produced in the factory.  I'm guessing
you can build a twisting jig that is similar to what they use at the factory to
produce evenly twisted cable ...


  What would you use to do the cable clamps of the style that can be seen here


I do not remember ever seeing parts like this in HO.

  One thing - I suspect that flat "cable" (banding) was not -commonly- used in the STMFC era.
I remember using steel banding to tie up pallets of cases of salmon in the early 60's but I
don't remember seeing anything other than cable for heavy loads.  Wrong about the dates?

                                                                                                         - Jim in Burlington 

  At least one option for clamps is to simply not try to do them ... ?

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