Re: M&StL 30000 series gondola kit under development

Dennis Storzek <destorzek@...>

Thanks Tim, I don't have a pic I can post. It does appear to be the same design car, the spotting feature being the little pressed flange on the bottom edge of the stub side sills. There is a builders photo in the SLH&TS freightcars book, the car posed with the drop doors open, and it is evident that the doors are Dreadnaught pressings. The car also has what appears to be either Superior or Equipco hand brake. Tim's posted image is of a sixties/seventies era repaint; The original lettering is similar in arrangement, but a Roman typeface, with lines above and below the reporting marks. There were two number series; 8001-8199 (odd), and WC cars 67001-67199 (odd).

Question, do the Minni cars have improved Dreadnaught ends? They seem to have been built one to two years before the Soo cars. Likewise the Dreadnaught drop doors?

Dennis Storzek

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