Re: Suggestions For Wire Load Ties

Guy Wilber

Jim Betz wrote:

“The tie downs were actually different sizes of steel cable and that was produced in the factory. I'm guessing you can build a twisting jig that is similar to what they use at the factory to produce evenly twisted cable ...”


No such material was used in the 1900-1960 era. Cable was allowed to secure rotating shovels and cranes and that was about the extent of its use during that period.

A good number of the members of this list have collected MCBA, ARA and AAR Open Top Loading Manuals and typically the factual information is distributed throughout the group. These rules were mandatory and if not followed (to the minimum described figures) any receiving road could refuse the load, or adjust the load and charge the delivering road for time and materials to bring it up to prescribed standards.

I would suggest that all who are truly interested In prototypical open top loads obtain a manual and utilize it. Additionally, narrow the revised edition closely to your modeling era as many diagrams were modified, or newly added, especially after World War II.

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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