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I have used Scalecoat I for many years and still swear by it.  The trick that I finally learned to preserve the paint is to seal the bottle with plastic wrap before replacing the cap.  Storing the bottle upside down helps even more.  They then last indefinitely.

Bill Pardie

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I have one of these to paint also. I am usually "All Acrylic" but in this case I plan to use Scale Coat II in their Spray can option. Ordinary I would use my airbrush but with Scalecoat II I have had VERY poor experience with their paint going bad once it opened. I recently used their spray can Clinchfield gray on two GP-7's and was very happy with the way the paint went on and how the spray can functioned. For a single project like this using the spray can is worth it I think.

Bill Welch

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