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Nelson Moyer

Dan, you are right, a few wipes of lacquer thinner won’t remove the insulation, however, you are also wrong, soaking wire in lacquer thinner for several hours does soften the insulation, and then it is easily removed .


Nelson Moyer.


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The plastic insulation (sometimes nylon) of many kinds of “magnet wire” is NOT removable by lacquer thinner … or much of anything else either. However heating the wire to near red-heat (candle or lighter) will char the coating, making it easily removable with solvents or mild abrasion (sandpaper).


Dan Mitchell



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That works, but you can remove the lacquer insulation from magnet wire with a few wipes of lacquer thinner and do the same thing. The large array of wire diameters available as magnet wire give you more control of scale sizes.


Nelson Moyer


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For very small diameter wire without any insulating coating strip the insulation off of stranded wire used in decoder installations. This should accept chemical blackening.

Mark Vinski 


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