Re: USRA hoppers: susquehenna question

Benjamin Hom

Brad Andonian asked:
"I cannot locate a file of USRA hoppers with road names etc; I am looking to get confirmation that Susquehenna had these cars....    Any images and data would be appreciated.   I have located HO models on ebay, but am not sure of the accuracy of the lettering etc."

Best source on USRA freight car allocations is the Lane article in Railroad History No. 128 published in Spring 1973, summarized by Eric Hansmann on his blog here:

Neither NYS&W nor Erie were allocated USRA twin hoppers; I'm not sure if they obtained 1920s copies or cars secondhand.  These are easy to spot in the ORER - look for HM with 30 ft 6 in inside length, 10 ft 8 in height of sides above rail, and 1880 cubic feet capacity.

Ben Hom

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