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Ken Soroos

Hi Dan -

The third type of W.C. 50’ double-door boxcars (350 total) was built/assembled by the Soo Line at its North Fond du Lac, WI shops in 1950, 1954 and 1957.  These cars were built with underframes and hardware fabricated at NFduL.  Sides, R/3/4 Dreadnaught ends, diagonal panel roofs and doors (Youngstown) were sourced from other manufacturers.  These cars had 50-6” inside lengths and 10’-6” inside heights.

W.C. 176500-176598 (even nos. only)   (50 cars)   1950   GMS 5965
W.C. 176600-176798 (even nos. only)   (100 cars)   1954   GMS 6403
W.C. 177100-177498 (even nos. only)   (200 cars)   1957   GMS 6936

There is more photographic evidence relating to the 40’ boxcars also built at North Fond du Lac from 1949 through 1958.  I’m quite sure the ends were the same for the 40’ and 50’ cars based on years built.  All were of the R-3-4 configuration.  However, the cars built in 1950 and 1954 had “rolling pin” tapers to their non-rectangular end ribs and those built in 1957 had even (banana?) tapers to those ribs.  The side sills on the 1950-built double-door cars were “notched” towards the ends as opposed to the smooth transitions in Tim’s second photo.  The 1950-built cars would have had the Soo's “dollar-sign” herald originally as in Tim’s first photo, but by 1954 the 4’ billboard lettering had been adopted for newly built cars.

Ken Soroos

On Oct 21, 2019, at 2:01 AM, Dan Smith <espeefan@...> wrote:

Hello Ken,

In your info about Tim's second photo, build dates are 50, 54 and 57. Did the R-3-4 ends change between 50 and 54? Do you have # of cars built for each date? # series? No changes to basic features between dates?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Soo line info deprived,
Dan Smith

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