Re: is "hogging" a correct word for adjusting truss rod equipped cars

Nolan Hinshaw

On Oct 21, 2019, at 18:13, Charles Peck <> wrote:

I believe that "hogging" would be exactly the correct usage. I have worked on paddlewheel steamboats that had what were called "hog chains" for exactly that same purpose, to take out the sag.
If an empty car is given a slight rise in the middle (a hog back), then when loaded it will flatten out. Loose truss rods allow the car to sag, the opposite
of hogged.
Chuck Peck
Hogging as applied to vessels is what happens to the ends, which are less buoyant than the middle - they sag. The hog chains are to reduce the hogging. Long, faiy sharp wooden hulls in later days had diagonal straps let into the ends to resist hogging; they didn’t always work well enough.

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