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Upon reflection, I believe this photo actually shows four crates. While a crate could be over 40' long, I can't see one bending in the middle.

As for load securing banding or other tackle, my interpretation is that the load securing is already gone, either in the actual scene, or done in the darkroom to make a better composition. For example, I don't see is a line actually lifting the upper crate. Well, they didn't have Photoshop in those days, but I suspect that the original photo was retouched to make a better composition, and for possible security reasons.

Also note the large black patches on both crates. This suggests to me that for security reasons some military data or destination indicator has been "redacted", as they say today about documents. There is also strapping on the lower crate to the left of the soldier standing on the car's corner. No such strapping shows on the crate above.
I was a military photographer before the days of digital images, and am familiar with retouching techniques, which I occasionally practiced myself. (I once retouched an award photo we published on the front page of our military newspaper of an officer who used to harass me, giving him a seedy 4-o'clock shadow -- I could be quite naughty sometimes, and somehow never got caught.)

I'm pretty sure the crates are being loaded onto the ship, rather than the other way around. If some gear was coming back from overseas (say captured enemy equipment for study), it would less likely be so carefully crated in matching containers.

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On 10/22/2019 12:46 AM, Todd Sullivan via Groups.Io wrote:

I don't think it's photo shopped.  The number and initials on the far end of the gondola match those on the near end. 

There is an apparent optical illusion due to the guy standing on the forks of the forklift, but I think it's one photo.  It looks like these crates could be in the process of being loaded onto or unloaded from the ship in the background, perhaps at a military base.  Surely, if the crates were to be transported any distance, they would have to be secured to the gon.

Todd Sullivan

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