NYS&W Hoppers (was Re: [RealSTMFC] Susquehanna 40’ boxcars c1940-48)

Benjamin Hom

Steve Salotti asked:
"Not sure if this is going to the group, if so sorry, it's old news.  On August 26th John Sykes mentioned a roster for the NYS&W, I've downloaded it and have a question about the roster.  There are two groups of hoppers listed, John, is one group the Erie horizontal rib cars as produced by Funaro & Carmerlengo, and the other standard style hoppers? "

The 5039-series hoppers are side-dump cars are definitely not "standard style hoppers".  The attached Ambroid instruction sheet from the HO Seeker website has a photo of these cars, verifying that the USRA hopper model that you asked about in your previous post is a foobie.

My gut feeling about the 10 cars scattered in the 33610-77138 series is they're not the horizontal rib cars based on the 30 ft IL and 1807 cu ft capacity, which seems kind of small for the horizontal rib cars.  My guess is that they're probably Bob Karig's early common standard twins, but as always, a photo or full ORER entry would help.

Ben Hom 

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