NYS&W Hoppers (was Re: [RealSTMFC] Susquehanna 40’ boxcars c1940-48)


My gut feeling about the 10 cars scattered in the 33610-77138 series is they're not the horizontal rib cars based on the 30 ft IL and 1807 cu ft capacity, which seems kind of small for the horizontal rib cars.?? My guess is that they're probably Bob Karig's early common standard twins, but as always, a photo or full ORER entry would help.
The January 1955 ORER gives 30' IL, 9'2" IW, and 11'2" height to eaves. These are uncommonly tall and skinny hoppers for the 1950s. After thinking about it for a bit and playing a hunch, the ten cars are most likely ex-N&W class H1 series 33000-37999, 71000-72499, 74000-77267, late- 1930s rebuilds of what started out as their first all-steel drop-bottom hoppers in the Teens. ORER data is identical to the NYS&W group and the numbers align. N&W retired these cars circa 1949-51.

David Thompson

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