Re: SOO Line prewar 50 foot double door box car

Steve and Barb Hile

Frank purchased the General Arrangement drawing from IRM Pullman Library to create his masters.  Copies of that drawing are available for purchase by anyone, just as Frank did.  The drawings at IRM are still the property of Bombardier and they do not allow them to be posted on line.  Each purchaser must agree to a license created by Bombardier stipulating this.
I have seen the drawing.  The inside length is 50'0" and the length over the underframe end sills is 50'2-1/4".  The side lining boards are 25/32 thick by 3-1/4 inches wide.  The side linings are nailed to 3 by 3 posts.  The 3x3's are recessed into the dreadnaught ends.  I don't see a dimensions on the end lining, but it is certainly thin, like the side lining.
Hope this helps.
Steve Hile

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Since these cars were constructed for paper or news print service would the shorter interior length of 50'-0" be the result of extra thick end linings?

I am curious what do the drawings show?

Bob Witt

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