Re: SOO Line prewar 50 foot double door box car

Dennis Storzek

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 07:19 PM, rwitt_2000 wrote:
Since these cars were constructed for paper or news print service would the shorter interior length of 50'-0" be the result of extra thick end linings?

Steve Hile gave a more complete answer since he has viewed the P-S drawings and I have not, but it's my impression that the 50'-0" IL was a Pullman Standard thing, since the 50' P-S cars with 6' doors built in 1936 share the same IL, with a length over the strikers of 51'-2 1/2". The post war cars the Soo built at North Fond du Lac are 51-10 3/4" over the strikers with a 50'-6" IL, except insulted cars which are shorter inside due to the insulation in the ends.

Wandering into the future for a bit, I recall in the eighties, after Wisconsin Central Ltd. took over the old Soo trackage in Wisconsin, they were running the 50' exterior post cars built by the Soo in the sixties, which also had Dreadnaught ends, through the shops to add two reinforcing beams across the lower end to beef them up for roll paper loading. Apparently Dreadnaught ends aren't quite up to the rigors of paper service.

Dennis Storzek

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