Re: Type Of Trucks?

Nelson Moyer

Here’s my guess:


ATSF 141702 has National Type B-2 trucks. You can use Kadee or Walthers, maybe others?


ATSF 144028 looks like AAR Double Truss trucks best represented by TMW-107.


Nelson Moyer


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These are links to builder's photos of two Santa Fe Bx-37 boxcars:

ATSF 144028

ATSF 141702

What types of trucks are under these cars?


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

P.S.: These links are from the Illinois State Library's Digital Archives. There are many freight car (mostly boxcar) photos on this website:

A search for most terms brings up a lot of pages so use the Format Box to narrow down your search to "photograph".


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