Re: Wabash auto boxcar

Tim O'Connor

Mark Vaughan set E-1
. I painted this over 20 years ago and may have applied the wrong
set of dimensional data since I didn't know then as much as I know now. The set covers a
number of different cars. Set
E-2 was for postwar repaints and some later cars.

Tim O

On 10/24/2019 2:18 PM, Benjamin Hom wrote:
Fred Jansz asked:
"Bought this OMI Wabash auto car and wonder if someone knows if there are decals available for this car?"

Tim O'Connor replied:
"Mark Vaughan decals - stocked by Des Plaines Hobbies."

Somewhat surprisingly, he didn't do a specific set for these automobile cars.  Checked the manufacturer website this morning - there are overarching sets for boxcars, but not the SS automobile boxcars.  A check of the DPH online website for Mark Vaughn Decals doesn't return any WAB automobile decals either. 

You can check with Funaro, who will sell decals upon request.  As always, consult prototype photos.

Ben Hom

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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