Evergreen Styrene Quality Control

Bill Welch

I often use Evergreen's 0.005 sheet styrene cutting it into any number of widths of strip or shapes (I have no actual life) and have through the years developed a feel for it. Recently while handling it I noticed it felt differently so I got my Mitutoyo Digital Caliper and found it to actually be 0.0065" thick. I have tried both calling and emailing Evergreen to let them know with no response.

Since then I bought some 2x2 styrene strip (#8202) and find it to be noticeably rectangular. Anyone else noticing slippage in quality control at Evergreen?

Wondering if anyone here might have a reliable way to contact Evergreen—maybe they know someone there? I am willing to make the contact, just need a way through the door so-to-speak.

Bill Welch

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