Re: Swift paint scheme

Dave Parker

As Steve noted, Swift apparently renumbered the 12000-12999 series cars into the 40000 series sometime in 1925.  But, the 12000 series was repopulated with cars sometime between 12/30 and 7/34 (based on my ORERs).  From then through 1945 at least, this series contained five or more sub-series with small variations in dimensions and capacity, suggesting a mix of cars from differing origins. It does not appear in my 1/54 register.

In addition, the switch from SRL to SRLX dates to 1934-35, with completion by 1938.  The photo of 12624 on the old steam era website (and on Wiki) has the SLRX reporting mark and KC brakes.  It also bears a full list of equipment on the car end, a practice that many owners dropped with the adoption of the 1927 ARA lettering standards.  Swift seems to have been an exception in that the early 1930s builders' photos in Hendrickson and Kaminski all show that list on the end.  Photos from the 1950s seem to show a more limited two lines of data on the ends.

If I had to throw a dart at it, I'd say that photo is late 1930s or early 1940s.   As to why it's FCC (or red) rather yellow, I have no inkling.

Hope this helps.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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