Re: There's the OMI Wabash steel dd NOT

Benjamin Hom

Fred Jansz asked:
"Received my OMI 'Wabash' steel dd boxcar today...NOT.  This 'wooden' SS beauty was in the box.  It reminds me of something, but not a steel Wabash DD car.  Any idea what it might be?"

Notes from Chet French, posted on the Steam Era Freight Cars website:
" In 1941, the Wabash converted 239 of the 46000 series auto cars to 6' door cars and numbered them 76000-76238.  The roster showed 93 car remaining as of July 1, 1957.  They looked similar to the 74000 series 6' door cars converted from the 40000 series auto cars."

Ben Hom

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