Re: There's the OMI Wabash steel dd NOT


Fred this car was converted from the double  door auto car.  I have both cars.  The Overland car was well done except for the underframe.  After Lysle last year I drove down to the Monticello Rail Museum where they had an auto car.  Wouldn't you know that my camera battery was dead when I got there.  Did get some photos on my phone.

I questioned the single door version a few years ago on this list and got a great photo from  one of the members.

I have more information at home but am currently having my morning coffee in San Francisco.  Will be home on the weekend if you need any more information.

Bill Pardie

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From: Fred Jansz <fred@...>
Date: 10/31/19 8:04 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [RealSTMFC] There's the OMI Wabash steel dd NOT

Received my OMI 'Wabash' steel dd boxcar today...NOT.
This 'wooden' ss beauty was in the box.
It reminds me of something, but not a steel Wabash dd car.
Any idea what it might be?
Fred Jansz

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