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I don't remember the car number, but Richard Hendrickson and I discussed it, and he sent a photocopy of the prototype. It was lettered "NIPX", for Northern Indiana Public Utilities, IIRC. The car was of approx. 1930 vintage, and had very unusual dome appliances, but does look like a GATC car.

Yes they are rare, but not unheard of. I have seen at least 2 other examples, both in coal byproducts service.

Given no one has photos of ALL tank cars, I like Bruce's suggestion....

Elden Gatwood

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This model appears to be OMI #3230, and has been discussed a number of times on this list. Some brief observations. First, two-compartment tank cars are rare. Two compartment insulated tank cars, such as this, are vanishingly rare. Two compartment, 10K, GATC built insulated cars? This car may represent a single car with a history that is difficult to trace. If you go back to post #135461, you will get the history of this model. Richard Hendrickson indicated that he had NEVER seen a photo of a GATC 10K insulated two-compartment tank in revenue service. That's not promising for this model. Second, if it is the model I think it is, good luck actually getting it to run (made by Cheyenne, China, not Ajin, Korea). The couplers are significantly over height and there is no easy fix for that. I am told that the trucks interfere with the underbody rigging and that the trucks are grossly too wide.

Is it correct for your era? Yes, probably.

Appropriate paint and lettering? Nobody knows (that's the good news) so maybe just use the Black Cat GATX decals, and paint it black and number it in the GATX two compartment series.

I would consider an alternative, which is to sell it and get a useful model 😉

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL


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purchased this OMI 1930-built GATC 10,000 Gal double dome tank car recently.
However, I have no info about these cars at all regarding time span and paint schemes.
I model/collect 1950 (the year).
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you, best regards,
Fred Jansz

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