Re: OMI 1930-built double dome tank car

Bruce Smith


I was quoting the man… I can find no subsequent change of that sentiment, and it is clear from Richard’s comments that he was not involved in the design of this car.


Richard Hendrickson

On Jun 22, 2011, at 3:35 PM, spsalso wrote:

The subject of this model last came up, as far as I can find out,
on this list back in '04. I thought I would myself submit it again.
The discussion in '04 was pretty much wrapped up by this comment by
Mr. Hendrickson:

"Ted, the prototype for this model was a car that Tom Marsh found
intact but
out of service in the Chicago area. Its last owner had been a private
shipper (a chemical co., IIRC) which didn't exist during the era
this list
covers, so the car was obviously second-hand. I've never seen a
photo of a
car of this design in revenue service. 10,000 gal. two-compartment
cars were extremely rare, whether insulated or not."

So, 7 years later, I'm wondering if there's any more info on this
car. Or a photo (even if it is post-list).
Edward Sutorik
Ed, Since my '04 message, I've seen no additional information or
photos on an in-service prototype for this model. Sorry!

Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 4, 2019, at 12:01 PM, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

Bruce Smith wrote:

 This car may represent a single car with a history that is difficult to trace. If you go back to post #135461, you will get the history of this model. Richard Hendrickson indicated that he had NEVER seen a photo of a GATC 10K insulated two-compartment tank in revenue service. 

    Um, no. The prototype photo of this car was indeed provided by Richard to OMI, as were photos of all the cars they did in this run of various tank cars. He did say once that he wasn't entirely thrilled with the ones they picked to model, but he was the source.

Tony Thompson

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