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Tim O'Connor

And Overland was working in a time period when we were ALL learning about the
incredible diversity of freight cars, led by modelers like Hendrickson and Nehrich
and many others who sparked the whole RPM movement. So naturally Overland (and the
other importers) made a lot of "mistakes" (I can think of some real howlers from
Precision Scale) and often didn't reveal very much about the prototypes for their
models (if indeed there was one). It was an 'era' of the model industry, and that
time has passed at least for hand made brass models.

I take it with a grain of salt. An interesting looking, well made brass tank car
that is realistically (if not "accurately") painted and lettered is always welcome
in a train of mine... Many people hate Tichy tank cars because they're not right.
I love them because they are among the finest examples of styrene freight car kit

Tim O'Connor

On 11/4/2019 6:47 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:
Overland produced many fine pieces of rolling stock many of which I am proud to have in my collection.  Some of their tank cars gave me reason to question them.  They produced a three dome model which years ago I finished as a ULTX car.
I was pleased with the model until several years ago when I purchased a Tangent three dome car.  The Tangent car looked like an N scale model next to the Overland car.  I found some drawings in Mailine Modeler which were smaller than the Overland car.

I also had a problem with their 10,000 gallon car which had a rather large platform on each end of the car.  Searched and searched but none found a prototype photo of this car.  Again Mainline modeler had a drawing that exactly matched the
 Overland car.  Possibly Overland used this drawing in producing the car.

My only other disappointment was a Texas & Pacific caboose which was 6' too short.  This car was replaced with a Hallmark model that was correct.

These disappointments are avery small percentage of the many fine models that they produced.  I recently rounded out my collection with the purchase of an Overland E-1 diesel originally done for the City Of San Francisco.  Overland also produced the version that SP converted to the Daylight scheme with the big number boards. Very pleased with this model.

Bill Pardie

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Bruce Smith wrote:

I was quoting the man… I can find no subsequent change of that sentiment, and it is clear from Richard’s comments that he was not involved in the design of this car.

     You are right that Richard had nothing to do with model design and was less than happy about what eventually came from OMI.
      At one point he pulled out his prints of all the photos he had sent to OMI. I had a few of those cars, and he had others, which we then looked at. I don't have any doubts of his connection as at least a source of info for OMI.

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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