Gould/Tichy Tank Car (was Re: [RealSTMFC] OMI 1930-built double dome tank car)

Benjamin Hom

Tim O'Connor wrote:
"Many people hate Tichy tank cars because they're not right. I love them because they are among the finest examples of styrene freight car kit design."

"Hate" isn't quite right...more like "bitterly disappointed".

Richard Hendrickson wrote in post #48856 dated 12/15/2005:
"More than one prototype researcher, on learning through the grapevine that Gould was in the process of developing a tank car model, offered assistance and was rebuffed. Bill Gould told me personally that the identity of the prototype was a secret but that he had all the prototype information he needed (and, by implication, would I please go away and stop bothering him). Egged on by Bob Hundman, he thought the drawings were all he needed and neither Gould nor Hundman realized until after the model was completed that there was no prototype for it."

In this case, it wasn't the fact that we were still learning about the prototype, but more obstinate and willful disregarding of the facts.

Ben Hom  

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