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I purchased one of these two dome Overland cars and wrote Richard Hendrickson about it. His reply was:

"Steve, the genesis of this Overland model is that when Arndt Gerritsen was doing much of Overland’s prototype research and product development, he found a car bearing used
for storage which still had its reporting marks and numbers: NIPX 8. He photographed and measured the car and made drawings of it. He then contacted me for more prototype information, but I was unable to help much because the latest (1967) ORER I have did not have an entry for NIPX. My best guess is that the car had been owned by the North American Tank Line, which had a number of other reporting marks in the NI?X series. But that’s only a guess, and the NATX entries in the ORERs do not list gallonage or other data which might help in tracking it down.

Once I saw the drawings, however, I recognized that the car was essentially a two compartment version of General American’s 10K gal. insulated single compartment type 30s, and a photo in my collection prompted Overland’s model of the CDLX Western Asphalt single compartment car.

But that doesn’t solve your problem. Years later, I got a poor quality photo that showed a GATX insulated two compartment Type 30, and if I owned that model I’d paint and letter it to correspond with the photo. I think the car in the photo may have been an 8K gallon car, but I also think it’s as close as you’re going to get to finding a prototype for that model in your era. Al Ferguson’s “Black Cat” GATX decal set in black would do the job very nicely. FWIW, that photo is attached.

Paint is Light gray tank, black underframe and trucks. Some GATX cars in bulk wine service were painted aluminum, but most insulated cars that weren’t black were light gray, and that’s what appears to be the color of the car in the photo.

J. Stephen Sandifer

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was Arnt (Arndt?) the fellow who had those great Lake Michigan car ferry models at Naperville?

On 11/5/2019 1:21 PM, Fred Jansz wrote:
Thank you very much for this information Craig!
The puzzle is nearing completion.
If only I could find out what was stecilled on those domes!
Resumé: these 1930-built, 10,000 Gallon insulated double dome cars
were in service as NIPX #6, 7 & 8 for the North Indiana Public Service
plant in Michigan City, Indiana.
They were already out of the ORER in 1936.
#8 was possibly the only only surviver (the other 2 possibly went back
into the GATX pool) at the NIPCO plant as 'captive car' and was
photographed there by Arnt Gerritsen.
Who also made drawings of which Overland made a model in ca. 1991.
Pity they didn't issue a painted & letterd version, otherwise it would
have been on the BT files as sample for mine.
Now the real challenge is to find the original Arnt Gerritsen picture
of NIPX 8, so I can make some decals for it.
In my closets this car is a sample of a lost car, far away from home
in 1950 in the Feather River Canyon.
To return home after decades, just in time for Arnt to take pictures
of it around 1988.
I understand from Jeff Lemke the OMI model is from 1991.
Fred Jansz

*Tim O'Connor*
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