Re: OMI 1930-built GATC 10,000 Gal double dome tank car

Fred Jansz

To all interested,

When pictured by H.A. Gerritsen in ca. 1988, NIPX 8 was a 'toxic waste' car serving as such on the NIPCO property, Michigan City, Indiana. Where the other two cars went to after their last appearance in the 1936 ORER, is a mystery, but I guess back into the GATX pool until retirement at some date.
Capy is 10000
LT WT 60800
CH 7-57
Asked Brian Marsh if he could check the archives for the original pics made by Mr. Gerritsen. Would like to see what's on the domes so I can make some decals for them (probably TANK A and tech specs and TANK B and tech specs).

NB: if the car was built in 1930 by GATC and photographed in 1988, it was operating and 'kind of lost' in my year 1950, probably illegally dumping it's toxic waste in the beautiful Feather River on my future layout....
I'm so sorry, but that's how it was in 1950 (on my layout).

cheers, Fred Jansz

PS, also own the single dome version of the OMI GATX 30 10K Gals insulated car.
This one will be painted & lettered for Western Asphalt.

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