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Matt Goodman

This has been an interesting thread for me as one of the industries on my Railroad (Maizo Mills) produced patented products from ground corn cobs.

Maizo ground cobs to produce a patented product used for a variety of things. My notes are at home but the uses I remember offhand were as as a de-greaser and polishing medium in machining processes, in the furrier trade (probably as a dessicant) and by jewelry makers as a polishing medium (Maizo was owned by a Columbus jeweler, so it must have been important for that industry). Other contemporary sources said ground corn cobs were a component of linoleum.

Prior to the uses mentioned above, it was also used as a filler in animal feed, which apparently was made illegal in the twenties or thirties. Not a lot of nutritional value.

I have one poor-quality photo showing boxcars outside of Maizo, and an advertisement showing their product in bags - so probably about any class of boxcar could be used for shipping the bagged end product. My assumption is that cobs could have been shipped to Maizo from local elevators, by box car or truck.

This particular mill's output was reported to be 100% dedicated to the war effort (WWII) - especially after a sister mill in Illinois burned to the ground during the war. Maizo's fate was the same, although not until the mid-fifties.  1890's construction materials and methods and dust make good bon fires.

Matt Goodman
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Nice pic of car loading with ground corn cobs. I read that corn cobs used during the war effort I believe it had something to do with plastics manufacturing??? Several articles indicated local elevators shipping corn cobs for the war effort.

No location but somewhere in the central Illinois area.
5/4/44 IDA Pantagraph Collection
Matt Smith
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