QREX Reporting Marks

Bob Chaparro

QREX Reporting Marks

Ian's Cranstone's list of reporting marks show QREX as assigned to:

Quaker City Refrigerator Line (7/1930-7/1932)

Quaker City Refrigerator Line (General American Tank Car Corp. 7/1935)

General American Transportation Corp. (7/1937)

I've noticed quite a few models carry the QREX reporting marks. These include the following companies on those models:

  • Booter's Hatcheries
  • Jack Daniel (You know what this is.)
  • Evansville Packing Company (May Blossom Butter)
  • Grand Union Food Markets
  • Guggenheim Brothers (Beef Packers)
  • Holland Butter
  • Krey Packing Company
  • Madame Butterfly (Cigars)
  • Norman & Company Cheese
  • Red Kamel (Cigarettes)
  • Schlosser Brothers Dairy Products
  • Tick Produce Company (Poultry & Eggs)
  • C. F. Vissman & Company (Pork & Beef Packers)

I only found a prototype photo for Schlosser Brothers Dairy Products.

Can anyone verify prototypes for the other QREX reefers?


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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