Daniel A. Mitchell

While not comparable in detail to the OMI model,  the old Thomas 6-dome wine car is decent, about the correct size, and far above the norm for it’s time. It came in the livery of several wine companies. The only detail it really needs to look good is a set of Owl Mtn. pressure-release vents.

Dan Mitchell

On Nov 6, 2019, at 3:42 PM, Fred Jansz <fred@...> wrote:

Bill, That's the way I'm going to paint my single dome OMI car too.
Your OMI Western Asphalt has the correct font, decalling being done by OMI at the time.
Unfortunately Tichy's decals' font is a bit skinny compared to the real thing.
Reporting marks are OK though: CDLX (OMI used COLX).
Your 6-dome ROMA tanker I'm quite jealous of!
Been bidding on one on fleebay last year, it went over the top for me at $400.
Oh well I'll cherish my Tangent single dome car...
best regards, Fred Jansz

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