Re: Overland UTLX X-3 tank car (was OMI 1930-built double dome tank car)

Tim O'Connor

Thanks for that information Steve. The OVERLAND ad has a photo of 27710. There were still
a LARGE number of 10,000 gallon, single dome tank cars from 27146 and above in the 1970
tank cars tariff book! The photo in this advertisement is from that era.


On 11/6/2019 11:26 PM, Steve and Barb Hile wrote:
We have been away for a few days, so this is a bit late to the party.  But, let me say that the Mainline Modeler UTLX 10,000 gallon tank car drawings seem to match pretty closely to a UTLX drawn general arrangement drawing for cars built in 1930 by UTLX with tanks provided by ACF.  The 10,000 gallon cars were numbered 27146-27324.  For reasons that I can't explain, perhaps related to the tanks being slightly different from the UTLX standard, this batch of X-3 cars had underframes that were 15 inches longer that the UTLX standard X-3 design.
As Tony often says, a few more details are in the UTLX book...
Richard Hendrickson provided a copy of this UTLX drawing to me, and probably to Bob Hundman, as well, as its basic dimensions followed into the MM drawing and then, apparently into the Overland model.
After Richard passed away, I was very glad to purchase his Overland model from his estate.  It has been painted and numbered into the above series, and I am proud to own it.
Steve Hile

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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