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Bob Webber

Yeah - I think that I've scanned a couple dozen of these in the last 3 weeks (scanning all H&B drawings). There's a few variants. There's this oval spiral, a more circular spiral (for house cars), a less rounded, rectangular spiral and a few others.

C&H is not likely the original owner. I think CI&W had gons like this. I haven't been paying too much attention to who what cars were made for - we do add the Lot information into the metadata when available, but...when the drawings/files are large, you can't see both the description and the Lot information at once as they are at the bottom and top, respectively, of a 3' wide image. (usually)

Were anyone interested we can look, but it isn't something that is easy. Attempting to put too much information, esp. that which isn't on the data block is far too time consuming (when you have a few more drawings to process).

At 08:02 AM 11/8/2019, Dennis Storzek wrote:
On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 01:50 AM, Dan Smith wrote:

This appears to be a Haskell & Barker proprietary end. Only used on a few series of cars, all built by H&B, the H&B drawing collection in the Pullman Library of the Illinois Railway Museum contains more drawings of the geometry of the pressings than was typical of ends purchased from other vendors. I suspect the spiral pattern of the pressed rib was intended to circumvent the Murphy end patent that claimed "tapered ribs."

Dennis Storzek
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