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Bob Webber

This is the closest I found to that car (in the photo):
Steel End 500 1920 Lot 5209 CCM Co. Gondola


(There are others - but not where I can reach them at the moment)

At 08:02 AM 11/8/2019, Dennis Storzek wrote:
On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 01:50 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
This appears to be a Haskell & Barker proprietary end. Only used on a few series of cars, all built by H&B, the H&B drawing collection in the Pullman Library of the Illinois Railway Museum contains more drawings of the geometry of the pressings than was typical of ends purchased from other vendors. I suspect the spiral pattern of the pressed rib was intended to circumvent the Murphy end patent that claimed "tapered ribs."
Dennis Storzek
Bob Webber
Bob Webber

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