Re: Square brake staffs


I needed some square stock for the FGEX Reefer Mini-Kit and had lost my gifted square stock I received from Bill Welch. So i decided to try and make my own from some brass rod.
I began by taping some Green Frog Making Tape sticky side up on a flat plate and placing some .030 brass rod on it. I filed one side flat removing around .007 . Next I rotated the rod 180 degrees and placed the rod with the flat side don on the tape and files about another .007 from the second side. I next rotated the rod 90 degrees and placed some stryene strips next to the filed flat sides and filed the 3rd side flat. Rotate one last time and file the 4th side.
I ended up with some .015 square brass stock. Next time I will try not to loose the stock Bill gave me
See attached pdf from my clinic on how I did this if you want to give it a try.

Gene's suggestion of a draw plate is a good one as well

George Toman

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