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Douglas Harding

I  have this drawing, saved as ERDX 11000-11049. However nothing on the drawing says it is ERDX, so cannot confirm. Nor do I know the source, but suspect it came via this last as we have discussed ERDX cars before.


Doug  Harding


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Hi Tim,

This is a very interesting photo, but I'm not sure it represents the ERDX cars in my 1952 ORER.  The overall length of the 1952 ERDX 9000 series was 42'-6", and all the other MDT owned cars were 41'-6", and the 9000 series had a 2601 cu.ft. capacity while most other MDT cars had capacities from 1900 cu.ft. to around 2000 cu.ft.  The 1952 9000 series also is clearly listed as an AAR Mech. Designation RB, and they have a Note F that states, "Cars numbered E.R.D.X. 9000 to 9999 and M.D.T. 9955 and 9962 have sliding doors 5 ft. wide and 7 ft. high."  All other MDT owned cars had 4 ft. wide by 6 ft. and a few inches high.  Also, there were only 38 cars in the 9000-9999 series and apparently only 2 in the 9955-9962 series.

I think the ERDX 9772 in your photo is an earlier car, and it has ice hatches on both end of the roof and its lettering states "Ventilated Refrigerator".  I don''t see a built date in photo, but the capacity is clearly 2086 cu.ft. and the I.L. is 33ft. 11 in. which doesn't match anything in my 1952 ORER (MDT, FGEX, etc.).  I wish I had my Westerfield 1943 ORER to see if there were other cars of this size as that date, but it's in storage.  

Curiouser and curioser.  Does anyone else have anything to contribute?

Todd Sullivan

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