Re: ERDX Reefers

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hi Armand,

    Can't help with the idiosyncracies of the of the various ERDX cars but as you know these cars, at least all that
I am aware of, were NOT refrigerated. They were insulated as they were used to to bring seed and other material
from the Eastern States Farmers Exchange warehouses and processing plants as far away as Black Rock
(Buffalo) NY to their local stores all over New England. I don't believe that any of their cars were over 41 ft. in length.
Decals in HO scale for the #10000 series cars are no problem. You can get them from Jim Abbott of Highball
Graphics for $8 for a set that will complete one car. If I could find my decal box that has not been seen since the
move I could bring a set the next time I'm over.

My best, Don Valentine

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