Re: Nalco Weed Sprayer and tank cars

Douglas Harding

Jack’s models are of a Fairmont weed sprayer. I supplied him some photos of the Fairmont Equipment. Fairmont also built a weed burner.


The M&StL converted a GE gas electric, GE-25,  to a weed sprayer outfit, with sprayer boom arms at the rear, extra windows cut in the sides, and towed a tankcar full of chemicals. Worked fine until it caught on fire in 1963.


Doug  Harding


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  These photos seem to be "post 1960" to me.  Among other clues I notice
that in the last of them there is a guy wearing what looks to me like a
fairly modern "safety vest" (yellow/orange).

  I'm not complaining - just asking the question "probable image date?".

  If any of you haven't seen it ... search for images of Jack Burgess's
excellent model of an early weed sprayer.  I think you will find them
easiest if you look in recent (last year or two) PCR convention contest
                                                                                     - Jim

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